Watch: The Best Automatic Watch Under $100 & The Perfect Choice For Your First Watch – Seiko SNK809 Review


Yay!!! The watch I voted for!! Great watch – really a game-changer. Thanks for the amazing review, TGV.


My first automatic watch and I still love it. I had a slight problem with the winding rotor coming lose after some serious impacts, but I was able to fix it myself with a little luck.


Fantastic watches at a price point that everyone can afford, I have 2 in my collection and enjoy wearing them often.


TGV, I stumbled upon your channel on night while going down the rabbit hole of fight videos and such and came across your review of the Seiko SNKL23 (Don’t know how I ended up with your video!). Since then I was hooked. The SNK809 has been my second purchase and it was a thrill to search for it and get an great deal on it. 40$ delivered, can’t beat that.

I’ve actually recently bought one to see what all the fuss was about. Wearing it now and it’s slowly growing on me, albeit it’s small size 😉


Hi all, just new here. Love the website and especially the Youtube channel. I totally agree with you, this watch is the best deal you can find if you want to start a collection. It is my first automatic watch and for the money spent…well, couldn’t be more satisfied. 60 euro for a lifetime watch 🙂
Sorry for the late reply


I’m considering adding this timepiece to my collection and eventually contacting Jeff @watchmakers4 for mod advice, thanks to your recommendations, TGV!

Great watch, for the money it’s got to be one of the best bargains going!

i just bought the SNK805. I liked the color over the SNK809, so far this is a great watch, especially for the price!

I do love the look of this watch, but it felt a bit small for my wrist. How about a 39-43mm watch in that price range?

I bought this watch about a year ago. $75 on AMAZON. Put a RIOS buffalo strap on it and it I love it! Great value watch.