How Timex Will Make The Best Watches Under $200 in 2018: Marlin Reissue Review & Comparison

Published on Nov 28, 2017

Today I return to a brand I have come to admire profoundly over the last few years, thanks in part to my 60s era “Made in Great Britain” Marlin watch. Any true horologist will know of Timex, their legendary history of innovation, and their rich American legacy. However, since the 80s, the brand has shied away from making mechanical movements and subsequently conquered the affordable entry level quartz watch market. Using smart advertising, clean designs, and dependable quality, they still offer one of the best alternatives to a price range filled with fashion watches and Japanese brand dominance. Thankfully, things seem to be changing in favour of the watch enthusiast eager to see this legendary brand return to mechanical watchmaking greatness. Today I review the already greatly hyped 2017 Marlin reissue. I compare it to my 1960s original and talk about why I think Timex will dominate in the years to come by looking at their recent military inspired “Waterbury” watch.

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