The 7 Best Watch Sellers You Need To Know: Brand New, Pre-Owned & Vintage: Entry Level To Luxury

Published on Apr 19, 2018

Today’s video has been several years in the making, but why?

The reason is that it’s taken this long (through trial and error, and experience) to find the high level of quality watch stores, dealers, and specialists I felt confident recommending.

It is no secret that buying watches (especially vintage and luxury) can be risky when seeking authentic pieces and getting the best deals without resorting to the horrors of the infamous grey market.

However, with this video you are in luck as I share the top 7 watch dealers I personally buy from. No matter if you are looking for haute horology, super or entry-level luxury, pre-owned bargains, vintage pieces, or the best of the micro brand world, this is the video for you!