Have owned this watch for about a year now and simply love it, find myself wearing it more than any other. This may be because it’s mechanical and I love picking it up in the morning and gently winding that sublime winding mechanism, so I then pop it on the wrist and there it stays, the only decision then is what to wear on the other wrist! Had a problem when I first bought it, it lost time badly, but sent it back to Hamilton who sorted it and now is running at plus 2 seconds a day, truly amazing. TJV, great review, I would mention that there are a host of comments about water ingress on these watches, something many point out is a real negative on a field watch as it is bound to get exposure to water in the field. I haven’t had a problem, but I don’t shower or swim wearing it, but have worn camping and out and about in our great British weather with no problems. Value for money is outstanding, quality is beyond reproach and with a thick Zulu from Monkeyswag the lug space is fairly minimal