Congratulations on your acquisition. It is quite an elegant piece. I hate to say it but I have heard quite a lot of the protestations of the moon phase to be so useless. I have the inner smile when people say this but, I find myself quite compelled to protest the declaration on this occasion. My very oldest piece is a chronograph with a moon phase complication, and I am quite satisfied with its utility. Humanity has had the moon as part and parcel of the environment in which we live. This brings to mind as well that the moon complication should be a part of military watches as well yet never has the inclusion, in the face of numerous engagements that literally relied upon the “dark of the moon” as an important aspect of operations. At the least it has been a consideration operationally. As for me, I find my own use of the lunar complication, and would never ever have a collection without at least one representative. Perhaps if you applied your own thoughts to the subject you might divine my use or even find one of your own. Rest assured it does have its use and place in the human environment, even if, much like the chronograph, it seldom sees its use.