Industry Insider: Where To Buy The Best Quality Microbrand Watches & 5 Brands You Should Know!

Published on Nov 13, 2017

Buying microbrand watches can be extremely rewarding and equally risky. The reward is you can find gems that few others own and that are different in design to the mainstream offerings. Often, microbrand watches offer amazing value for money and a welcome alternative to the tried and tested brands we all know and love. The risk is there are simply so many out there to choose from, often not very good in quality and offering little in terms of security when buying online. What if I told you there is a website run by an industry veteran with decades of experience, offering super high end brands? A place where you can buy from a professional and quality is assured? Today I catch up with my good friend John Keil to discuss 5 of his favourite microbrands and where to buy them with confidence. Included in this video is NTH, Mercer Watch Co, Melbourne, Boldr, Elliot Brown and Gorilla.

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