An Exclusive Behind The Scenes At Romain Gauthier: Independent In-House Haute Horlogerie Watchmaker

Published on Dec 12, 2017

Today I am proud to share another episode from my adventures in Switzerland. Last time we looked at high end luxury watchmaking on a large scale from the legendary brand Jaeger-LeCoultre (link below, in case you missed it). In this video, we take an exclusive tour with one of the most highly regarded independent haute horology watchmakers, who has been making a name for himself ever since he arrived on the scene. Romain Guathier is a Vallee de Joux native with an extensive background in precision machinery and engineering, culminating in an MBA in 2002. His final thesis was a business plan to start his own watch company, which he turned into an award winning reality in 2005. Since then, Romain has brought consistent innovation, completely original designs with regards to aesthetics, and his own amazing calibres, redefining what it really means to be Swiss made and in-house. Romain’s no-compromise approach to haute horlogerie can be seen in the extensive production techniques that push the very limits of precision, quality and luxury – a few of which we were so privileged to see and share with a tour from the man himself! We then look at the finished product, starting with his first watch, the Prestige HMS with a unique flat winding crown system. We follow with a look at the award winning Logical One, with its fiendishly clever re-invented take on the classic Fusse and chain system, and finally my personal favorite (and his latest creation), the stunning automatic Insight Micro-Rotor.

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