I Damaged My Rolex & Why It’s A Good Thing: The Best Half Price ABC Watch – Casio ProTrek Unboxing

Published on Jul 27, 2017

Today I talk about how a recent accident that caused my denting my Rolex Explorer (Ref. 114270 36mm) has made me realise that my attitude and how I wear my watches has changed greatly from my early days of watch collecting. From being very careful and overly fussy about damaging my watches, now I am able to enjoy them to a far more satisfying level. What has changed this perception and level of enjoyment? I also share an unboxing of a recent impulse buy, the Casio Pro Trek PRW3100Y-1B. With the advent of the newer Casio Pro Trek watches becoming “Smart Watches” in 2017, it has had the knock on effect that prices of their excellent 2016 previous generation of ABC watches. With 50% price reductions on both eBay and Amazon, it has never been a better time to buy one of the best ABC watches on the market today.

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