Buying Vintage Watches: 5 Reasons Why Hamilton Are One Of The Best Brands At $200 to $500 (WWT#87)

Published on Aug 11, 2017

In today’s WWT (Wrist Watch Talk) episode, I respond to another frequently asked question. What is the best brand to buy as your first “vintage” watch under $500? Today I give my 5 reasons why Hamilton watches are one of the best watches to from the $200 to $500. As 2017 will be the 125th anniversary of Hamilton, there has never been a better time to hunt for a bargain on the used market from what I consider the gold age of the brand, spanning from the 40s to the late 60s. Few brands have as much class, style, horological heritage, value for money and a variety to choose from as Hamilton. To illustrate my point, I share a quick mini review a forgotten classic, the Hamilton Rodney from 1953. A recent acquisition I found while hunting on the used market for a gift for a family member. It also happens to perfectly incapsulate everything that makes vintage Hamilton such incredible bang per buck and dominate this price range as the best option to consider.

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