The Best True Military Pilot Swiss Watch Under $200: The Marathon Navigator Review

Published on May 24, 2017

Today I review a watch I recently repurchased and have owned before. The Marathon Navigator (Ref. WW194013) is a tried and tested true mil-spec watch that has been proven in the field (or skies I should say) by pilots, parachutists, law enforcement and soldiers of elite special forces. With an ultra legible military style and a rock solid ETA movement inside, it already offers incredible value for money and punches way above its price point. But what truly makes this Swiss made watch stand apart from the crowd is it’s made by a brand with a rich heritage of producing the highest quality timepieces for the armed forces around the world since World War II. At the price point of many fashion watches, this watch needs more attention to the civilian market and the respect it deserves! I am extremely proud to have it back for good in my personal collection as I really did not appreciate it for what if offers the first time around.

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