The Best Automatic Watch Under $100 & The Perfect Choice For Your First Watch: Seiko SNK809 Review

Published on Sep 20, 2017

What watch do you buy if you have only $100 to spend but you want something that will last a lifetime? What is the best place to start for your first new automatic timepiece? Today I review a watch that has been long overdue for a closer look and review. In my opinion, the Seiko SNK809 is the best option under the $100 price point. Its heritage, classic design and well respected movement make it the perfect ticket into our wonderful and massively rewarding hobby of watches. No matter if it is the only watch you need for everyday or simply to add some affordable fun to any collection, the SNK809 has got you covered.

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On your YouTube channel you have 2 versions of this video. The one and a Seiko 5 ankl23. Witch do u prefer?


I have this exact watch. Has anyone else had trouble with the auto-wind rotor popping loose?