A Seiko Special: Selling My SKX007? – An SKX013 Horror Story + Unboxing My Best $500 Dive Watch Yet

Published on Mar 11, 2018

Today is something of a Seiko Special. My seemingly lifelong love affair with Seiko’s most popular automatic dive watch is certainly no secret. The SKX has an almost mythic reputation for a very good reason. As a design icon, a movie star, and an ISO certified professional diver (and all at such an affordable price), is it any wonder that many others love it just as much as I do?

What also sets the Seiko SKX series apart within an oversaturated market is their customizability. Modding Seiko watches, especially the SKX is all the rage and very fun because you get the watch to your specifications.

In this episode I discuss my latest bespoke SKX, why I am selling my modded “Hunter Pro” SKX007, and a horror story turned valuable lesson involving an SKX013.