Hi, thought provoking stuff! Live affairs or just love is a funny thing eh! I have had my Sub since my mum bought me one in 2000 for my 21st birthday, I was actually 34 at the time, long story! I’d always longed after a Sub, or should I say lusted. There in lies the rub for me. Did my lust to love? Or did my lust remain for a while and then just when I thought I was in love, I questioned my love. Hmmmmm, why did I not wear my Sub regularly, favouring other watches, Seamaster, SKX,, G Shocks etc and only put the Sub on when the lust came back? Then things changed when we parted. I sent the Sub off to be serviced, way past when I should have, but despite no signs of needing a service, she was way overdue. Six weeks or more without the Sub around. That felt very odd, why? I hadn’t been wearing it that much, but then, it was always around, I took it for granted, I could wear it whenever I wanted, it was always there. Now it wasn’t, weird. My feelings had changed. I realised my relationship with the Sub wasn’t what I ever thought it was or what I ever imagined it would be. I lusted after it for years, I thought I loved it, but realised I loved it in a different way. It had become like a dependable great mate, always there, always ready, reliable and we clicked, like great mates do. You don’t have to see your best friend every day, or do everything with them, but it’s great to know they’re there, always. My whole perception of the Sub had changed, it was away, I couldn’t have it, I missed it just being around. Could I ever sell it, go and do the things you talked about, all the experiences, the traveling? For me, no, I’d want to share them with my mate and sell another watch or watches that maybe I loved or lusted to fund the trip, but I couldn’t sell my friend, I’d want to share it with him. But hey, that’s my thoughts, I just couldn’t do it. Take care, loving the channel andbthe web site, go well