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Richard Mille Tourbillons: Daring creativity, ahead of its time.

Published on Oct 26, 2017

For over 200 years, since Abraham-Louis Breguet patented the tourbillon, the rotating dance of the mechanical escapement and balance wheel has kept heads and hearts twirling. In the two centuries since its birth, the tourbillon has had to evolve to meet the changing tides of cultural and aesthetic tastes. Within these eras, the spinning movement, relegated to the back of pocket watches, migrated to become the visual focus on the dial. Though produced by many, one entity should be ascribed with transporting the tourbillon into the modern century. That person, without doubt, would be Richard Mille.

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that is so darn beautiful, I love that the profit from it goes to support mens health as well! I would totally snap one up if I had the money

$3 Million ? Seems quite modest for a genuine piece of a Hollywood legend. Maybe the recession’s biting hard or the big swinger’s pockets aren’t so deep when a real Grail piece is up for sale.

For me, 3.75 mill would buy a real nice collection.. Have some left over someone you care for. Really, a topnotch watch!