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Revolution & Seiko – A Japanese Display of Craftsmanship in London

Published on Dec 14, 2017

On Tuesday the 14th in Seiko’s London, flagship Knightsbridge boutique, Revolution Watch and Seiko co-hosted a cocktail reception focused on Grand Seiko and Credor. The event showcased the Japanese manufacturer’s latest and greatest pieces they have to offer. The Japanese Knife Company’s, Jay Patel, was on hand with several of the companies blades to exhibit the best of Japanese craftsmanship.

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Fantastic article Bryan! You look past the price tag and name on a watch and into the meaning of a watch to each individual. A prime example where a 27 dollar purchase on eBay turns into a priceless piece of your collection.

I agree! Got that feeling with my 1976 Times Mercury on ebay a few months ago. New complete in box. Must of been old stock. Finding these gems are always amazing.