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The limited edition, Jack Heuer 85th anniversary TAG Heuer Autavia

Published on Nov 03, 2017

At Basel 2017, the world got to see the result of the TAG Heuer “Autavia Cup” with the release of the 2017 TAG Heuer Autavia. However, unlike the highly publicized reissued Autavia, a unique limited Autavia was quietly displayed. Sharing the same case and the 7-row, beads-of-rice bracelet, the less publicized version sports a panda dial, unlike the reverse panda dial on the standard Autavia, and a completely different bezel. This special edition of the Autavia limited to 1932 pieces, sports elements selected by Mr. Jack Heuer himself.

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I’ve always loved tag ever since I was in the theater and saw my first glimpse at one. Leonardo DiCaprio was wearing it in shutter island. I wanted one so bad….. Then saw the price tag LOL. At 23 I’m starting my savings account for one as we speak…or a Rolex. I think they get too much “hate.”

Those Audemarks dials seem to be a little extrange in mi opinion, I do prefer the Royal Oak automatic with blue dial and that impressive bracelet. Simple but effective.