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Jaquet Droz: Telling Stories, Through Time

Published on Nov 03, 2017

The fundamental role of a timepiece is to help us measure the hours and minutes and to pace the activities of our day. In our ever digital world, the passion and interest we exude for fine watchmaking go beyond the rational. We elevate these timepieces beyond their primary timekeeping functions as works of art and superior craftsmanship. Even still, that essential and fundamental role of keeping track of the hours and minutes, only scratches the surface. We talk about the stories that accompany each and every watch, be it history and provenance of the brand on the dial, the reason for a feature or functions existence, or merely the occasion on which the watch was acquired or received. One manufacture, Jaquet Droz, imbues that storytelling spirit and superior craftsmanship into all of their timepieces.

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Beautiful watches, but oh my, that price tag is SERIOUSLY out of the league for a beginner collector, such as myself. Though, it is a Swiss brand, so you can expect unique, quality pieces that is second to none. Bravo!