Justin Simonelli

United States, 92656


Just recently started collecting and falling in love with watches, TGV's videos have been a huge part of that!

Favorite watch brands

Grail watch

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Watch story

When my Grandpa passed away he handed down all his watched to his Grandkids. I chose one that had a silver and turquoise band that my parents had actually gotten him as a gift years before. The watch on it was a Seiko 5. Since then I'v been researching and trying to learn as much as I can about watches, I came across TGV's videos and they have helped me so much in deciding on what to look for in watches before I buy. Most of my watches are Seiko, not only is the quality amazing but that brand will always remind me of my Grandpa and the first watch I ever truly owned. I'm excited to keep learning more about watches and growing my collection for the years to come..