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Recent watch enthusiast. As a child I sent away for 2 with cereal UPC's, bought 1 as a young man,and was gifted 3(father, mother, and wife)

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Grail watch

New to watches... hopefully my list will grow, but right now one that caught my eye is the Seiko 5Y23-164A SQ sports 150 divers watch. Even though it's a quartz watch, some thing about its look draws me to it.

Watch story

Recent watch enthusiast due to a Youtube video "Best Automatic Watch Under $100" featuring the Seiko SNKL23. I have owned 7 watches my entire life. As a child I sent away for two watches using the UPC's from cereal boxes and M&M candy. One was a digital watch with a slime plastic band and the other was a M&M racing-watch. While enlisted in the Navy I bought a Timex Ironman watch. The purchase was solely for function, I needed a watch that could take a beating inside the submarine. My father and mother gifted me a fossil blue watch after graduating bootcamp, and my wife has gifted me 3 watches. Two fossil watches and a Seiko. Since that faithful video of the Seiko SNKL23 I have searched for it but was soon met with despair as everyone was out to get that watch. I was constantly looking for it but to no avail. My wife was the one that found it and it was that Seiko gifted to me this Christmas. That Seiko SNKL23 is my first and hopefully not my last watch that put a fire in me to acquire it. Perhaps it was the thrill of learning about it and searching for it. But I do have to say, it is a great watch..

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