About the Urban Gentry


What Is The Urban Gentry?

The Urban Gentry YouTube channel was founded in May 2014 in New York City by TGV. Originally intended as an arts and culture channel covering everything from literature and cinema to personal style, the subject of watches soon took precedence, and The Urban Gentry became the new destination for horology enthusiasts, with a remarkable 25 million views in its first three years.

The name of the channel derives from the juxtaposition and unique blend of classes, cultures and environments TGV experienced growing up, from modern, gritty and fast paced urbanism to the tradition and refinement of the gentry.

In just a few short years, The Urban Gentry quickly grew to become the premier watch channel on YouTube and the first to combine elements of lifestyle and true independence in its coverage of horology. What has set The Urban Gentry apart is its inclusion of all levels of watches, its candid but respectful approach to reviewing them, and its key message about the continued importance of watches to complete the attire of any well rounded individual no matter the cost of the timepiece.

The Urban Gentry has developed into a strong community of watch enthusiasts who share key beliefs, are always open to learning, are motivated by positivity, and stand by an honorable moral code inspired by its founder. Members refer to each other as “Gentry” and distinguish themselves from other watch enthusiasts by respecting the art and significant legacy of horology.

TGV invites you to join us on this exciting journey through time.

“Time is the most important thing we have. The story of measuring it runs parallel to the story of us, the civilised human being. No matter your race, sex, religion, beliefs, or financial status, it unites us all. To learn about it, to enjoy the hobby and share it with others is the most rewarding thing one can do. It may cost as little as ten dollars to buy an iconic watch, but that ten dollars is your ticket into a world where enjoyment and learning is infinite.

Fundamentally, watches give me great joy and I believe that everyone deserves to share that feeling. My mission is to bring the passion and appreciation to as many people as I can in this new social media frontier. It has never been a better time to own and collect watches. They are just as necessary and important now as they have ever been. Onwards and upwards!”


Who Is TGV?

A watch enthusiast and Youtube personality on a mission, TGV is perpetually eager to learn and share his passion for all things horology. True to his style, he firmly believes that a traditional timepiece is an essential accessory and refinement that everyone should own—as important as a quality pair of shoes or a well—tailored suit—but need not be expensive in order to be fun or worthy of ownership.

TGV was born in London and spent his childhood in Italy and the United Kingdom. An eternal student at heart, he studied Italian neorealist cinema in Florence and traveled the world in search of unique experiences, before settling in New York City to work as an editor and audio engineer.

As TGV’s watch collection and interest in horology developed, so did his desire to share it with like—minded people, and in 2015 he founded The Urban Gentry channel on Youtube. Inspired by TGV’s old—world heritage, the channel’s refreshing style, relatable concepts, and distinguishing principles made it unlike any other horology channel that had come before or since, and just a few years after inception, it would become the fastest growing online community for watch enthusiasts.